What is The Freelance Finder?

We are a fresh and brand-new job matchmaking platform that focuses on empowering and highlighting the top female freelancers in the industry. 

To help young women showcase their talent and be discovered by companies, small and big, who are looking for the right person for the job. A platform that brings freelancers and companies together, in order to create a perfect synergy and collaboration.

Moreover The Freelance Finder isn’t just a platform to find work and workers on. 

We want to be a strong community, a guide, a source of information, advice, tips and tricks, videos, interviews, weekly webinars and masterclass, articles and studies on everything that can help young freelancers (or soon-to-be freelancers) gain the knowledge and confidence to get out there. With the right tools in hand, you can start building the life you want.

Our Values Ω

We are brave, we work side by side (well..remote but still close) to make the experience on tff the easiest for our community. We always search and pursue simplicity in every aspect of our life and we want to make yours simple too.  We want to support our community step by step and we will be there, to help our freelancers for whatever they need. That’s why our strength is efficient and friendly customer care. 

Our Vision ¥

It is estimated that by the end of 2020, the unemployed will be 397,000 more than at the beginning of the year, with a total of 12.9 million unemployed and 486,000  people will just give up looking for a job due to the tight lockdown or due major force such as having to take care of a family member affected by the virus etc.

By the end of  2021 the number of unemployed young people could reach 4 million, which is somewhat scary. And even scarier if we look at the gender gap, since the unemployment rate for women increased from 7.7% in April 2020 to 7.9% in May 2020 while it remained stable at 7.0% for men.

We, as young freelancers, are in danger  of being the first generation in memory to have lower living standards than their parents.

“Paying young people less than the minimum wage is not just illegal, it is immoral.”

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