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10 tips for new freelancers

You’ll find many articles online about the benefits of being a freelancer: Taking more control over your timetable; your clients, your projects; your rates… But that can sound like a lot to someone who doesn’t know where to start. If you’ve made that leap to becoming a freelancer, then some guidance and tips might come in handy. Here are our 10 tips we believe can help you on your journey to becoming the most successful freelancer you can be. 

1. Be clear on what You can do

Before putting yourself out there and offering your services, try to think of what you do best. But also what service you think you can provide in the most efficient way. As a freelancer, your reputation is everything, so make sure you’re clear on what that reputation will be built on. 

2. Make a good first impression

Sure, this sounds obvious, but a first impression will be had by anyone who gets in touch with you, not just clients, but also potential clients, people that might recommend you to friends or colleagues… the list goes on. Each and every person who contacts the “freelancer” you, can help spread the word about your services. 

3. Be Clear on Costs 

Similar to the first tip, make sure you’re clear on how much you want to charge for your services. You can choose to be paid on an hourly basis but also a fixed rate for a given project. Look at other freelancers in your industry, that always helps give you an initial idea. 

4. Start Networking

As a Freelancer, you might find yourself working from home, to cut costs, but don’t let that stop you from meeting people. Networking is an essential part of growing in business and getting work from it. Don’t let the way you work turn you into an introvert.

5. Streamline your info with PDFs

If you’re going to be networking, contacting potential clients, answerings leads or requests, you might find yourself writing the same thing over and over… In order to save time, to focus on the important things, create PDFs for information that people ask for regularly, like your pricing plans.

6. Join The Freelance Finder

As a new generation platform for young professionals, of all levels and backgrounds, we are constantly evolving our tools, usability, activities and more, to help freelancers get everything they need, from tips and guidance to clients and success.

7. Set yourself Work Boundaries

The wonderful thing about being a freelancer is the flexibility in all areas, from choosing your projects to working hours, and even your rates. But don’t let projects take over your life. Remember you’re in control, so set yourself some boundaries, and make sure you have enough time and energy to enjoy life, your family, friends…

8. Don’t give up! 

Like anything, being a freelancer has its perks and its downfalls. You will have good days and bad, but stay confident in your abilities and learn from any negatives, rather than let them get you down. Feeling positive about yourself is very important, so don’t let a few failures stop you from being successful and happy.

9. Choose your perfect office space

Another great thing about being a freelancer is the ability to pretty much choose where you work from. If you like being surrounded by people but in total silence, work from a library. How about a coffee shop, on a comfy leather couch. Maybe you’d like to work in a hip, futuristic and very stylish co-working? Or maybe you like to work from your bed… You choose.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Being confident in your skills and work abilities should never stop you from asking for help if you ever feel like you’re stuck. We all have bad days or days where we can’t seem to deliver the same quality as yesterday, and that’s ok. TFF isn’t just a platform, we’re a family. You can post any question, doubt, or help on our Forum.

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