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We guarantee the highest quality freelancers in the industry.

Handpicked Freelancers

Our Freelancers are selected and handpicked to best suit your projects.

Team Value

We take great pride in being a supportive team to each and every freelancer to guarantee a perfect collaboration.

Easy Communication

You can talk to the Freelancers we pick and see if they are the best fit for your needs.

Cost Effective

We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market.

Why The Freelance Finder?

If you’re looking to post jobs online and worried you won’t find the right candidate, The Freelance Finder will match you up with a list of suitable freelancers for your project! We pride ourselves in the talent that we represent, with an eclectic and international team of freelancers eager to work on your projects. Our algorithm with automatically suggest a number of suitable candidates, and we will send you a handful of the Freelancers we think are the most qualified and interesting options for you.

Who are our freelancers??


Our freelancers are hand picked by our talent scouts based on their qualities, talents, personalities and overall work ethics.


We handpick a wide array of talent from all types of sectors. From designers, engineers, creators, translators and more.


Our international presence and scouting allows us to find and showcase some of the best freelancers from any corner of the world.


We're constantly growing as a team and a family! Our monthly quotas allow us to add to our team of talented young professionals.

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