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 We have you covered! You can hire for any scope of work, from a small one-off project, to a complex one, to a part-time or full-time remote worker! Post job online for free by clicking on the link below.

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Do you have a project? Are you looking for a part-time employee? Or full-time? Finding the right candidate is easy, just follow these steps.

1. Register

Before posting a job or a project (for free), you will first have to register and create a company or individual profile. Make sure that you optimize this profile and put as much detail about yourself, the company, the job etc… Remember, the more information and transparency, the more engagement you will get from the candidates that may apply.

2. Post A Project/Job

Posting a project is simple, from your account, you will be able to post as many jobs as you like. By selecting the corresponding sector, you can include all the information you desire, with pictures and videos and more. The more specific the job detail, the more relevant the algorithm recommendations.

3. Compare, Select.

There are different ways of finding the perfect candidate: you can browse through our candidates, you can receive shortlists made by our algorithm, or we recommend a handful of candidates we believe fit your requirements.

4. Interview

From however many candidates you have on your shortlist or who have contacted you, or applied, you can use TFF’s internal messaging system to communicate and get to know the various freelancers/professionals.

5. Get Started

Once you’re happy with the candidate, you can hire them and get started.

The Freelance Finder is here for every step of the way, so if you need guidance or help, one of our team members will work with you until your project is completed.

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What % does TFF take?

Our commission structure is simple:

  1. Project up to 300€ = 20%
  2. Project over 300€ = 10%
  3. Project over 2000€ = 5%

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